With considerable experience in the design, specification, building, programming, commissioning and validation of control & automation systems, I provide control & automation systems for all aspects of industry.  With experience of applications ranging from assembly to pharmaceutical, food and beverage to medical devices, I have the experience to deal effectively and efficiently with any automation system or process.

The major advantage that I can bring to a project is diverse experience across a broad spectrum of technologies.  This is most important in Industrial Automation projects and where necessary I use professional and competent sub-contractors to deliver the highest level of customer service while still meeting key timelines.



Projects can be taken from virtually any stage, with as much or as little input as the customer requires.  Involvement can be limited to a single aspect of a project or total responsibility for implementing the full project life-cycle from inception to conclusion, including project management, mechanical and electrical design, fabrication and assembly, software development, implementation, commissioning, validation and if necessary supporting the maintenance and retirement functions.  Clear and concise working methods help eliminate confusion, leading to more efficient project delivery and appropriate focus on key project elements such as cost, schedule and quality, resulting in a better overall experience for customers.



Many clients operate in regulated industries.  My chosen methodology is to operate all projects in a manner that conforms to the standards required within regulated industries.  Since this has always been the chosen standard of delivery, it has become second nature.


Is there more? – Of course there’s more, but to catalogue the entire range of proficiencies here would take too long, so if there’s something in particular that you have in mind, please feel free to contact me without obligation.


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