Industrial Automation

Having a wide and varied experience in Industrial Control and Automation Systems over many years, most of the industrial automation projects I have delivered required multiple disciplines.


My skills encompass a wide range of industrial automation disciplines including motor control, vision systems, barcode reading, RFID data tracking, printing, robotics, Instrumentation and Device Networks, Machine Safety, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Controls, OPC Interfaces, SCADA applications, and of course custom software.  This represents a sample of what I do, the full list being a bit too long to mention here.


PLC and Instrumentation – Being able to thoroughly understand and, if required by the client, handle the entire range of project disciplines has been a distinct advantage throughout the years I’ve been in business.  Having the capability to deliver multiple competencies such as electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and programming during commissioning phase is one example of how a broad spectrum approach can save considerable time, effort and expense for our clients.  In particular, it eliminates the sometimes lengthy delays that can occur when troubleshooting the more difficult anomalies within a complicated control system.


While I don’t often take on significant mechanical work, the thorough and detailed understanding of all the relevant mechanical systems, principles and practices ensures maximum efficiency.  I can and have on occasion partnered with mechanical fabricators where deemed most efficient for a project.


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