Software Development

Possessing lengthy and varied experience in developing Desktop and Web applications, I have a wealth of experience in analysing business needs  with a view to advising and ultimately satisfying customer requirements.


The range of applications I deliver is wide and varied. It’s unusual for two projects to be identical.


A typical application might consist of a Graphical User Interface either on a desktop or laptop PC and a database somewhere in the background to store data.


Sometimes the User Interface is an Internet or Intranet website, its selection based on customer requirements, usually after detailed discussion of the customer’s needs.


The database could be local to a single pc/laptop, it could be based on a server shared among a business network or it could be internet based – in the cloud.  Where I assume the entire scope of the project, the client doesn’t need to be concerned with any of the setup or maintenance detail.  I develop, set up, and host internet-based or cloud services and applications.


Projects range from applications for small businesses managing their unusual billing requirements or resources, to more complex applications for data collection or machine control.


Software Development projects often require a full project life-cycle input which is provided as required depending on customer needs. Assistance is available with everything from defining the project scope, schedule and budget, requirement specification, testing, validation and maintenance.


Software language selection can be critical to achieving maximum project efficiency.  The decision may be based on either customer request, the requirement set or a particular business need. Making the right choice ensures maximum gain in terms of cost, schedule and function.


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